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In bed….husband has been sleeping for the past hour or so….and while I was cuddling up behind him, he farted on my knee….this is my Friday….I should be out at Thursday Party with BKB, S and OMGKorea but I’m in bed getting farted on….

Thinking of getting my conch or inner helix pierced!! What do y’all think?


Thinking of getting a small tattoo on my wrist….something tiny, maybe Husbands initials or fingerprint~ hmmm

This is 번데기 (a bug pupa) and it’s horrific!! I first tried it (on accident) at a motel with this guy…it was 안주 (side dish) for the beer that the motel provided…..I almost threw up!! This shit was prepared like potato chips…dried up and just ick! Well last night before Husband came home I may have drank a bottle of wine by myself then to my surprise some of his friends were drinking in the area and I talked Husband into going….well at one of the bars this came out!! Gross!!! They were cooked or steamed or whatever and my Husbands friend was just eating it like candy….yuck….oy I am so hungover and it’s noon….

Gawwwwwd there are so many pictures of my ex flying around my Facebook with his new squeeze! He has obviously blocked me on Facebook….I guess I hurt him too bad, but I’m still friends with this girl…..and every single picture is of him…..I’m trying super hard NOT to care but he takes her to all the places he took me…her posts about him weirdly resemble my posts about him 4-6 years ago….it’s laughable…I told Husband about this (which he didn’t find very amusing) I should probably just unfriend her…right? That would be the mature thing to do…rather than like her photos or say they look cute together….ugh….

I got the confirmation today…my betas are down to 1.6 which is no longer pregnant and I have miscarried. My (new) doctor thinks that the last beta I had it was catching it on the way down that’s why it was so low. He’s sorry for what I am going through but he says he has hope and he’s going to watch me even closer. So I’m not going to waste any time and he has me on Femara starting tomorrow. He’s doubled my dose to 5mg rather than the 2.5 and he wanted to put me on injectables but I said no, I wanted to try one more time (more naturally) and he said that was a good idea. So he has me on Femara plus the baby aspirin and has me coming in on the 30th for a check up to see how my eggs are growing :) we’re trying to be as positive as we can because this is our first miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) but every time I see a baby or a pregnant woman I just want to burst out crying….I just feel hollow in a sense that it was just some hope….anyways….this will be last post about it because the more I think about it the more sad and empty it makes me…and I don’t want to feel this way, I can’t change the inevitable or yearn for a baby that didn’t happen….

Just got back from the hospital~ took a blood test and will be confirmed tomorrow if it’s just breakthrough bleeding or a chemical pregnancy….I’m pretty sure it’ll be the later! And even though I loved my fertility clinic I may just change to the one in my neighborhood because they’re technically bigger (and much closer) even though I hate 99.9% of the staff! They’re always sighing and rolling their eyes! I’m gonna wig out on one of them one day I swear to fucking…..breathe…

Anyways this doctor says that if my HCg levels have gone up from 6.1 then he’ll give me a shot to help prevent miscarriage?? And if the bleeding is my period (which me and the doctor think it is) were going to do another Femara round with the trigger and he’s going to monitor me more closely! Let’s see how he does~

I’m bleeding…..I don’t know how I’m going to tell husband.

He was so excited about the hope of a baby….

I just found out I was pregnant….I know 50-60% of first pregnancies end in early miscarriage….I just wish I never even knew I was pregnant….


Needless to say Husband is ecstatic and super positive! He says if we do miscarry then it’s no big deal AT LEAST we know we’re able to get pregnant! I adore him and his positivity….on that note he wanted (we wanted) to give our baby a 태명 (nickname). He wanted to call it 사랑이 (love) or 행복이 (happiness), both of which I hated, they’re just so mainstream!! And every time I said 사랑이 I thought of the little half Japanese girl on the superman show, super adorable but she’s not mine! So after some thought (him some searching on Naver of course) we decided to call our little gift 쑥쑥이, 쑥쑥 means growing. Because our beta was so low we want it to just grow, grow, grow!!

C’mon 쑥쑥이! We love you already and hope you grow, if you don’t that’s ok too, no pressure :)

So the call came in and it was positive (sort of)…..

I am pregnant! (Technically)

My beta (blood hcg levels) came back pretty low I’m talking single digits…6.1 which is just awful! But considering it’s still super duper early it could just mean I got a blood test WAY too early or I may miscarry…..I’m trying to be positive because it is technically super early. We’re not telling anyone yet (so if you’re friends with me on Facebook don’t say anything!!!) but I decided to share with tumblr because if I don’t I’ll explode! I have another appointment next Monday to see how (and if) I’m progressing! Here’s to good thoughts!! Anyone else out there test with betas super early and just got low (normal) betas and have a healthy pregnancy?

Mamma Mia is on TV….today is a good day….

My love for musicals~

soo…..just looking through my facebook and I noticed something weird….really weird…

it seems as if my ex (of 5 years) is dating this girl that he (and I hated) while we were working together he claimed she was annoying and weird. I was friends with her (somewhat…I mean we were coworkers) and everytime we all hung out he didn’t seem that into that group and now I’m pretty sure they’re “together” it doesn’t bother me at all! but it just goes to show exactly how TINY Richmond is….and how lack of choices is so real….just gross! haha I dunno~ I just hope they’re happy?

I love avocados! so I bought one yesterday….now I’m googling the shit out of them to see if mine is ripe or not because I have never ACTUALLY prepared my own avocado dish… 

any advice??

Waiting for a phone call…..big big news….hopefully…..

Don’t want to jinx it so I’ll tell you after I get the (positive) call…..

Send me good vibes…..

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RosesandPeaches Questions:

1. If you could only save one of your parents, your spouse, or child, which do you save?

My spouse, if it wasn’t for my spouse I wouldn’t have children and my parents would understand (I hope).

2. Most embarrassing story? 

I can’t share my most embarrassing story because its just awful! but one story is I was on a business trip and I was getting out of the shower and changing when a male coworker walked in on me….that was pretty mortifying!

3. What is your least favorite chore?

Washing/wiping the floors of our house. It hurts my knees.

4. Favorite outdoor activity?

Swimming! and mudruns!

5. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?


6.What do you miss the most about being a kid?

Ice Cream trucks and 4 squares!

7. At what age did you become an adult.

19, when I moved into my first apartment and didn’t move back in with my parents until I lived in Korea.

8. Favorite villan?

Darth Vadar! he’s just so intense and after watching all of the Star Wars from start to finish you can feel his angst and hurt and his paranoia!

9. Favorite literary couple?

Tristan and Isolde

10. Describe your perfect day.

Picnic and wine on the beach!

11. Where would you not go back to for a vacation?

Canada…where I went it was way too cold! there was snow in the summer! crazy

My questions!

1. Biggest regret in life?

2. Biggest mistake in life?

3. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

4. What is your goal in life? (professional or personal)

5. Do you have a bucket list? if you do name 3 things from it

6. Who do you hate and why?

7. What is your weirdest sexual encounter?

8. Why did you decide to move to Korea (if you life here?)

9. What do you love about yourself?

10. What do you hate about yourself?

11. Who was your first love? Describe him and what happened.

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