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Went out with Amie and her bf last Saturday night and this picture was taken by her bf, I think it’s a great picture…..except Incheon had a few things to say to me when it came up on Facebook the other day….He knew I went out but he just assumed I wore the same clothes as I did when he had left me that night….but it was so damn hot I changed into a tube top I had gotten from Victoria’s Secret a couple years back and some waist level jean shorts….he saw the tube top part and didn’t really flip but got kind of upset….I had no idea but facebook also seems to post whenever I crush candies (do you guys know that game?? Candy crush??) well I’m obsessed but I had no idea it sent my updates (and what time I crushed candies) to facebook ㅡ.ㅡ So when Incheon asked me when I went to sleep and I fibbed a little and said midnight (when really it was past 2:30am) he got a little upset!! haha ugh he’s setting me up for failure! I’m obsessed with this game though……sometimes it’s nice to get a stir out of Incheon from time to time, it keeps me and him on his toes….I knew he would be upset about the tube top, he makes me change my clothes before we even go out if he doesn’t approve of what I’m wearing….but it was hot…and humid….and just sticky! blagh, I fibbed again and told him “of course I had a sweater with me, but in the midst of walking around I took it off for a bit….” he took it well and I’m sure he knows thats a fib but cmon…..I’m not going to be able to wear these clothes when I’m past 40! let me wear them now! 

  1. niueaninkorea said: bahahah candy crush getting the better of most people these days, im trying to resist lol
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