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On my way to apgu~ I’m wearing makeup!! Ha and this is my outfit!! Hot pink blazer, black shorts (I use to wear at the clubs), white blouse and my most professional looking pumps, oh and since I’m going to apgu my Louis in hand! With my alpaca coat I look like a total 아줌마~one classy bitch right here! I’m not expecting too much from this interview, this is my first interview for a job in Korea so I guess I’m just trying to get a feel for it, I haven’t even made the conscious decision to leave my company, where else can I work from 9-6 (on the dot) and watch dramas all day and make over 40k a year doing nothing??? So why am I looking for other jobs?? Because my contract ends in July and they may not renew because they may be getting rid of my department…..Husband doesn’t want me to work if my job is going to stress me out but I CAN’T (WON’T) be a stay at home wife…’s not in my genetic makeup to stay indoors for more than a couple hours at most a full day….I need activity, exercise, fresh air….chores just won’t cut it for me….so again wish me luck bitties~~~화이팅!

  1. harpersmum said: Good luck! I stay at home and some days I love it but mostly I hate it :( So boring!
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